Some reviews of The Fallen By Watch Bird:

“Seeing music as a fluid continium, she interperates everything she's encountered, thrillingly feeding it all into her own vision. Close in mood to Del Shannons 1968 heartbreak drama I Think I Love You and the Kosmiche psychedelia of Emtidi's 1972 album Saat. This spectral album lingers like incense in the air.” **** Mojo - July 2010.

“A fully realised concept album... Full of 80's fantasy film synths and mysticism.” Aesthetica - July 2010

“Weaver’s is an unsettling world to enter. By the time the title track arrives in the shape of a chugging piece of psychedelic folk-rock overlaced with pining vocals and breathless choral breaks, the immersion is utter. You realise that this fantasy land of fairy story invention is actually our own dressed in different clothes. This is music that reaches into the depths of those willing to give it the time and attention it needs....moving in ways which are hard to fathom, it’s a quiet masterpiece of intriguing imagination.”
9 / 10 - - Album Review - June 2010

“The great thing here is that you can drift along with this lyrical stream with as much enthusiasm as you wish…or just allow the whole thing to drip gently from your speakers. For sheer musical scope alone, this is an entire acid, folk, world, blues festival in itself. ...she is slowly forging a powerful and lasting cult appeal. Not a Manc nor a Merseysider, but from somewhere else entirely, musically and geographically aloof. There's existential for you.”
The Quietus - June 2010

“Jane Weaver does not disappoint with her conceptual ability... A charming and imaginative foray into a world of mythical interpretation and feminine emotion. Lovely too, if you’ve ever looked at a forest or the sea and thought about fairies, gods and monsters.” - Album Review - 14 June 2010

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